Fun morning at the Bharati Park, for our Sharana Day Care Centre children

Sharana’s Day Care Centre is located in Pondicherry town, and reaches out to the most vulnerable children from the street and slums of Pondicherry. These children have no stable homes, and are from families struggling themselves with substance abuse, violence, and poverty.

At the centre children are given a bath, clean clothes and breakfast, lunch and snacks by our early childhood teachers and the care givers. Continue reading

Bruno from Sharana France visits us

Last month we were delighted to have Mr. Bruno de Kerhor, a dear old
friend of Sharana India and an active member of Sharana France with us.

He helped us and accompanied us in many of our projects, distributing
uniforms in Angalakuppam, distributing certificates to our VTC
children, Continue reading

Certificate distribution for 2nd year Sharana V.T.C. boys

Our Vocational Training program through Carpentry (for rural dropouts and youth in Aranganur and surrounding villages) is currently in its third successful year. The 10 boys’ daily routine comprises of a rigorous theory class of two hours and an equally focused practical class of five hours.

At the end of the year they are apprentices who are capable of making some basic furniture on their own but more importantly eager to learn a lot more form this newly acquired skill. Continue reading