Sharana goes Green

For a second year around, we have received volunteers from an agricultural university in the South of France, Ecole d’Ingénieurs de PURPAN in Sharana this September. For three months, 4 volunteers will work alongside the Sharana team in green initiatives.

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Sharana cookies in a Festive Avatar

Sharana’s oatmeal ragi cookies are flying off the shelves at Grinde!
To help the cookies travel better, we’re making them in button-sized bites, too. And we’ve given them a festive Deepavali dress-up look in rolls. Have a look:
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Harnessing solar energy at Aranganur Spirulina Farm

We were happy to receive Belgian volunteers, Alexander Alexander van de Voorde and Wouter Gyssels in Sharana early this month. They have both completed their engineering studies (mechanical and energy respectively) before coming to Sharana for a one month volunteering and field experience.

They are going to rebuild the Continue reading