Project MamaData goes live!

On the 24th of February, our Data consolidation project (MamaData) turned live. MamaData is a cloud based software, which supports Sharana’s social workers and accountants in managing information about beneficiaries and donors. The database can be accessed from internet enabled tablets on the field and eventually gives up to the minute information about all programs and activities of our organisation.

We were able to develop this tool with the help of our long term friend and supporter, Peter, who built it in collaboration with students from HAW Hamburg. Continue reading

The new near starts in Sharana, with a New Project.

We are proud to share with you, that we have finally begun our Sports and Games project with Chemins d’Enfances, with the help of the pedagogy from Sports Sans Frontieres.
To play, to have fun and yet learn at the same time, is the aim of “Sports Sans Frontieres” (Sports Without Borders). Sports and games facilitate sensitization of children, including those that come from the toughest neighborhoods; on topics such as environment, society and social problems. Continue reading

Tulane University intern, Megan Tanner, and her work at the Day Care Centre

This year too, we were happy to receive an intern from Tulane University, Megan Tanner. She joined us for three months, in order to complete her Global Masters Program in Social Work. On the field, she was under the guidance of our social worker, Amala.

She integrated immediately with our teams in the projects, and starting working more in detail with our children at the day care centre. Continue reading