VTC Carpentry Program, successfully completes one year, and starts a second year.

Sharana’s Carpentry Vocational Training program, with a training facility complete with machinery and equipment was built in 2011-2012 in Aranganur. 

The first batch of 9 students (selected from an applicant pool of 22, all drawn from nearby villages) began their study in July 2012.We are proud to announce a successful completion of their course, they have all been placed in jobs that pay them up to 12000 rupees a month! Continue reading

Our Shelter children find a new home in Mathur.

We have 20 children in the shelter program. These are children who are extremely vulnerable and for various reasons cannot go back to the street. We would like to keep them under our care until we have a strong plan to re-integrate them back with their families.

However, this year, an increase of 30% in rent was asked for, and Sharana cannot afford to raise the funds for the sudden difference in the rent. Given this problem, we approached, under the guidance of Father Dominic, Arul Ashram. Continue reading

Amala, our pride – an inspiration

Amala completed her higher education as part of Sharana’s Sponsorship Program in 2011. Immediately after her course, she got a lovely job in Cognizant, Chennai.



She came to meet us on this Ayudha Puja, with some lovely news. She wanted to pay 1000 rupees every month, to help a child pursue his/her studies through the Sponsorship Program. Continue reading