French Actress, Eva Darlan visits Sharana

We were very pleased to have Eva Darlan visit us at Sharana a couple of weeks ago. 

For those who do not know Eva, she is a well known (TV and Cinema) French actress. She had come to Pondy to perform in a French auto-biographical monologue at the Alliance Francaise in Pondicherry. Continue reading

Blossoming Art Therapy Initiatives at Sharana

Guillaume, a trained art therapist who worked through the medium of dance joined us for an intense two weeks in the end of July. He came to us through Planete Urgence, a France-based organization which specializes in sending skilled volunteers where they are needed around the world. Sharana has close ties with Planete Urgence.

Guillaume conducted two therapy sessions daily: in the morning with the children of the day care center, and in the evening at the evening tuition centre.

Our mission in these two short weeks was twofold: to conduct regular dance therapy sessions with the children, and simultaneously to train the teachers and social workers of his methods and pedagogies to enable them to hold these sessions independently in the future. Continue reading