Sharana’s Kitchen opens its doors to guests

Sharana is proud to announce the opening of its terrace café-resto “Sharana’s Kitchen”. As many of you know it already, the Sharana team earlier had a small restaurant at this very same place.

Unfortunately the service was discontinued because in January 2012 Thane- a tropical cyclone left the place in shambles. After three years of waiting for the right time and opportunity, our dream has finally materialized through the support of Souffle de l’Inde.

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The Seeds of Change project completes one full topic cycle: Waste

The “Awareness through sports program”: now called the “Seeds of Change program”- a name chosen by the children in Tamil, successfully completes one topic cycle: Waste. We have 5 more such topics to cover.

The children played 14 games that helped create awareness on the topic of Waste for the last 2  months, every weekend. 141 children (76 from Mathur village and 65 from Angalakuppam) completed the entire package of the Waste topic. Continue reading