Cyclonic Weather and Non-stop rain in Pondicherry

Starting from the 9th of November for 4-5 days there was a cyclonic storm (induced by a cyclone taking place in the Bay of Bengal) in Pondicherry and its surrounding areas.

When the storm hit on the 10th, the average temperature Continue reading

Concrete solution implemented in Seeds of Change program

In Angalakuppam, one of the main areas of our Seeds of Change project, this November we started the last of the 3 steps of our Waste Management program!

Let’s remember the two first steps: The first one was about raising awareness of the children about the dangers of waste, the second Continue reading

Little Stephanraj fares better at school

10 year-old Stephanraj lives with his mother on the street near the Pondicherry traffic police station. His mother works as a cleaner in a nearby tea shop (but this job is not regular). A few months ago, Stephanraj fell sick and could not go to school. The social worker took him to the hospital, where he slowly recovered after one week of medicines and complete bed rest. We were very happy to see him back in school after his recovery.

However Stephanraj has major problems in school Continue reading