Meenatchi resumes school after the rains

Little Meenatchi(13 years old) and her grandmother live in the streets of Pondicherry. During the past rains and flooding, they suffered a lot: they had no dry place to sleep or any food to eat. Meenatchi used to access the Gayatri House drop in centre regularly to rest and bathe in a safe place, and eat a hot meal. She was also happy to do some activities with the teachers and social workers from time to time.

When schools were closed for 2 weeks during the rains, Meenatchi lost the habit of getting ready and heading towards her school Continue reading

French Agricultural students helps set up Kitchen Garden

Since mid-September, Henri SAINT-ARAILLES, a young intern from an agricultural school in France, (Ecole d’Ingénieurs de PURPAN), has helped us set up a kitchen garden in our agricultural farm in Aranganur and in our little garden in the Angalakuppam Community Centre. Henri worked directly with Anbu (social worker) and with the farm workers during this period.

This project has been conceptualised keeping in mind the health and nutrition aspects Continue reading

Urgent Call for HELP

Dear Friends,

Post the heavy rains, and its aftermath- all our beneficiaries and programs have faced severe damage and the results of these long and incessant rains are irreversible for some. This post comes as an urgent call for HELP.

In our various programs the social workers have done extensive house visits, and village tours and the state is nothing short of terrible! Continue reading