Seeds of Change program success story

The Seeds of Change awareness project in St.Anthony Govt aided high school started in August 2015 as a weekly activity for a group of 28 children between ages 9 and 12. The first topic for awareness was waste management.

The principal was apprehensive in the beginning but we have gained her trust after four months of regular activities. It is she, who told us about Monica’s transformation from a shy, dull child to a confident, bubbling girl. Here is what 11 year old Monica had to say about herself and the project:

“Wearing these colorful jerseys and having quality material to play with has been so much fun! I have also learnt so many things about the environment and all the waste we produce. When my mother throws the house waste on the street I tell her to put it in the bin. I have explained to my parents about the dangers of having a dirty environment and how we should use less plastic bags. Sometimes I tell my teachers also!
Before I didn’t participate in school so much, but now I feel I know something about waste and I want to share that with everyone. All these new games we played and discussions we had, they make me feel happy about myself and confident. I want to continue playing these games and learn more.”

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