Success Story-Seeds of Change program

The Seeds of Change program is in collaboration with 5 schools in and around Pondicherry where weekly sessions are conducted.

After a year of regular activities, a group of Continue reading

Sharana’s Diary- Kanchana’s Story

Kanchana’s father Sekar died of a heart attack 5 years ago. He had been Sharana’s driver, a wonderful and helpful person- part of Sharana’s family for over 10 years before his sudden demise. Kanchana’s mother works as a tailor in a local NGO – in order to support the family.

Kanchana, the oldest of the three siblings is also the most responsible. Continue reading

Study material distribution at Aranganur Primary school

It was a fun morning last week when a small team from Sharana distributed notebooks to the 91 children of the Aranganur government primary school- part of our Collective Sponsorship program in Sharana. The children between ages 4-10 years old were overjoyed to have visitors and their laughter rang through every corner of the old government building.

The teachers and headmaster Continue reading