Children from Pondicherry Streets dream better futures in a visit to Pondicherry University

2016 ended with a high note for the children street and slum children programs of the Gayatri House and Mission Bambini.

The social workers had been working closely with Dr. Nalini Ranganathan, Continue reading

Sharana’s Diary- Aruna’s Story

If there is a lesson to be learnt while dealing with real, raw human problems it is that of shedding the comfort of knowing the job.

We live in a world of codes and formulae Continue reading

Sharana’s Diary-Suvetha’s Story

What is infuriating about a child sex abuse story is the gut wrenching account of a broken victim as well as the political correctness and limited scope of intervention society imposes.

Overwhelming data, awareness programmes, films and campaigns repeatedly highlight that perpetrators are often the “known” and the “trusted”. Continue reading