Sharana team begins work with Pondicherry Central Prison inmates

It all started with Sharana being invited through the Lt. Governor’s office for a meeting organised in the prison by the Inspector General of Police (Prisons) Mr Pankaj Kumar Jha where several NGOs were present to discuss along with Dr Bedi and Mr Jha towards creating a better prison environment for the inmates and converting it from a place where prisoners are to be kept locked up to a place where they can get a chance to learn and change- and where the guards can become guardians.
Her Excellency Lt Governor Dr. Kiran Bedi believes strongly in working alongside NGOs and is known for her commendable transformation of the Tihar jail herself.

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French Art Students work with Sharana in Slums

It was a pleasure to have 4 students of the l’Haute Écoles des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, France work alongside our team of social workers and children for over 10 days this August. Sharana has been working closer and more deeply with art-oriented actions since over 4 years now- we have seen the impact it has both on the children as well as on the larger community.

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