It is the people who are Sharana! Here the members of the team introduce themselves to you.


1980, Driver, at Sharana since 2015

Pandiyan drives the bus in the street and slum children program, at the Gayatri House.


1991, at Sharana since 2015, Caretaker

Ganga helps as a caretaker in the street and slum children, at the Gayatri House and also in the Evening homework help centre.


Balaji Annamalai

1969, HR and Admin

In charge of the daily Human Resources and Administrative tasks of the organisation.

Prakash Arumugam

1983, Social Worker, in Sharana since 2013

Prakash is a Social worker with the Gayatri House programs. He is responsible for overseeing all the Gayatri House programs.


Sarasa Bagawan

1986, Caretaker; at Sharana since 2012

Sarasa works as a caretaker with the Gayatri House programs.


Lourdumari Chithramoorthy

1981, Cook at Aranganur

Lourdumari cooks for all the VTC children and the Aranganur staff. She also prepares the snacks and tea. She helps out with cleaning of the Aranganur premises when required.


Rani R. Dominic

1968, Teacher; at Sharana since 2012

Rani is a preschool teacher with the Gayatri House Preschool program.


Lakshmi Gnanapragasan

1982, Paramedic at Angalakuppam; at Sharana since 2002

Lakshmi is a paramedic who runs the dispensary at Angalakuppam, assists in coordinating medical and eye camps held at the village, and provides referral services so that villagers in need of care can obtain treatment at local hospitals.

Ponni Gunasekar

1975, Cook at Angalakuppam; at Sharana since 2002

Ponni has been responsible for the Angalakuppam kitchen since the building was established in 2002. She makes the daily lunches, snacks, and teas and coffees for staff, creche children, volunteers, and other visitors. She also keeps an eye on the cost of vegetables and staples, and helps Sharana keep costs down.


Anbu I

1990, at Sharana since 2013, Social Worker

Anbu works as a social worker in the Sponsorship as well as in the Seeds of Change program.


Anbazhagan Jayaraman

1978, Social Worker; at Sharana since 2012

Anbazhagan is a social worker with the community development programs which also include the village creches and the dispensary. He also leads the VTC program in carpentry, the Spirulina program and all the collective sponsorship programs.


Jayalakshmi K.

1990, Teacher; at Sharana since 2012

Jayalakshmi is a creche teacher at the Gayatri House Creche Program.

Ravichandran Kathavarayan

1971, Driver, at Sharana since 2011

Ravi drives Sharana's vehicles.

Bhuvana Krishnamurthy

1971, Accounts; at Sharana since 2012

Bhuvana assists in managing the accounts. She also assists in the MB sponsorship program and the Gayatri House programs whenever required.


Chandra Mannakatti

1971, Janitorial and kitchen assistant; at Sharana since 2000

Chandra has been with Sharana since its inception, as the person responsible for the cleanliness of the premises, and for plying staff and visitors with teas and coffees as required.

Murugaiyan Masilamani

1966, Chief Financial Officer

With a B.Sc. from Madras University, a B.Ed. from Annamalai University and 25 years of experience working with social organizations, Murugaiyan manages the accounts, attends to personal management of staff, assigning duties and functions, and administration of the organization as necessary, with Rajkala. He also oversees the Agricultural cultivation project at Aranganur.

Kaladevi Moorthee

1977, Administrative in-charge; at Sharana since 2002

Kaladevi attends to the overall day-to-day administrative functioning of Sharana. She is responsible for material procurement, orders, payments, and receipts; coordinating vehicles and staff movements. Last but not least, she is a critical support for the Sponsorship program.

Prosanto Mukherjee

1988, Coordinator of Sports and Games program

In charge of the implementation and development of the Sports and Games program. He is also training the social workers and educators in Pondicherry and in the villages.

Tamil Selvi Muthuvel

1982, Creche teacher at Angalakuppam; at Sharana since 2002

With a diploma in child education, Tamil Selvi has been the Angalakuppam creche teacher since 2002. Having lost her own mother while still a young child, she sees her work caring for 2-5 year olds as a god-given charge to give them a mother's love while their own parents are at work.


Radha Nagappan

1972, Agricultural Worker

Assists with Spirulina program and other agricultural work as necessary in Aranganur.


Jeyaperumal Padaleeswaran

1953, Farm Supervisor, Aranganur Resource Center

Responsible for the maintenance of the land, materials, provisions for Spirulina project etc.

Kumar Pakkiri

1962, Farm worker, Aranganur Resource Center

Assists the Farm Supervisor as needed and acts as a daytime security for the property.

Mani Panchatcharam

1975, Trainer at the VTC program in Sharana

He is the master carpenter and trainer at the VTC program in Carpentry in Sharana, at Aranganur.


Vadivu Rajendiran

1979, Social worker

Social worker at our Gayatri House program. (for street and slum children)

Malathi Rajendran

1971, Worker with Spirulina Project

Assists with Spirulina production, tank maintenance, drying, packaging, demonstrations etc.

Aruna Ramesh

1983, Worker with Spirulina Project

Assists with Spirulina production, tank maintenance, drying, packaging, demonstrations etc.


Govindammal Segar

1969, Caretaker at Angalakuppam; at Sharana since 2002

Govindammal started her work at Sharana by woking on the construction of the Angalakuppam center building. She now assists the creche teachers, helps the children with bathroom breaks, and is a general caretaker for the property.

Vandana Shah

1985, Chief Coordinator

Vandana manages and oversees the activities and programs of Sharana. Regularly visits and streamlines the work with the social workers in the field. She has done her Masters in Sociology from the Pondicherry University

Ravi Anand Subramaniam

1968, Social Worker; at Sharana since 2012

Ravi Anand is a social worker with the Sponsorship program and the Evening Homework Help Centre. He is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Sponsorship program.

Gerard Susaimariyanathan

1974, Office Assistant; at Sharana since 2000

With Sharana since its inception, Gerard is Sharana's go-to person: office assistant, all-round handyman, and de facto social worker when necessary.


Manuel Theremand

1980, Social worker; at Sharana since 2012

Manuel is the social worker of the MB sponsorship program.


Kavitha Velan

1980, Cook

Cook at our Gayatri House program. (for street and slum children)