Early childhood care is an integral part of basic education. It satisfies the early learning needs of young children, emphasizes that learning happens via play and exploration, not merely via rote study, and focuses on establishing each individual child’s right to a secure, happy education from a young age.

As part of the crèche program, Sharana trains women from the local community to become teachers and to serve as attendants or teachers’ aides. Care is taken to provide children with meaningful activities using several indigenous material, toys, puppets, etc. Thanks to Chemin d’enfances (France), the “Ludo mobile” project brings a range of developmentally appropriate toys and games to crèche children. Volunteers bring books, music, and puzzles as opportunities arise. These activities help crèche children to promote their motor, cognitive, and social skills.

To fulfill children’s nutritional needs, a well balanced meal is provided, along with nutritional supplements and snacks. The children receive regular healthcare at the dispensary. Regular meetings are conducted with the mothers of crèche children.