Medical Outreach

Medical care was among the first and most critical needs identified by members of the community at Angalakuppam. When the community center was built, space was set aside for a dispensary which is run today by Lakshmi, a woman from the village who worked hard to train herself as a paramedic and then to gain the faith and trust of the community she serves as a healthcare professional.

Thanks to Lakshmi’s expertise and the space created for the dispensary, several medical outreach activities are possible at Angalakuppam:

  • routine medical care, including vision and dental checks;
  • eye care camps (conducted by the reputed Arvind Eye Hospital);
  • dental camps (conducted by Rajiv Gandhi Dental College, and with the assistance of local dental practitioner Dr. Satya);
  • disease prevention awareness campaigns;
  • family planning awareness;
  • vaccinations (including pulse polio);
  • detection of Respiratory and heart ailments, blood pressure monitoring;
  • referral services, where patients are triaged to local hospitals based on their physical conditions.

The prospect of building a dispensary to provide similar services at Mathur is currently being investigated.