Children’s Empowerment

At the core of Sharana’s work is a fundamental commitment to enabling children to fully claim their rights to education. Too often, children from socio-economically disadvantaged families are neglected, charged with the responsibility of caring for younger siblings, or made to seek employment. Sharana seeks to create an infrastructure that will support these children and enable them to resume their formal educations.

Via individual sponsorship and collective sponsorship programs, needy children receive money for school fees, books and notebooks, backpacks, school supplies, healthcare, and homework help.

Sharana always tries to work with and for the most vulnerable and needy children. With this in mind, a specific street and slum program has been implemented for the children from the streets and slums of Pondicherry.

Sharana has also developed, an Awareness through Sports and Games Program. This project gives access to sports and games, to children from rural backgrounds. It helps sensitize the children and their communities about diverse social and environmental issues that they face every day through these sports and games.

Via other programs targeted at enhancing and facilitating rural development, Sharana seeks to support parents to earn livelihoods, such that they can in turn support their children’s right to pursue a formal education.

In the past 14 years of existence, approximately 5000 families have been touched by Sharana, and at present approximately 1200 children are receiving assistance from Sharana through Sponsorship and other mediums, in Pondicherry and 20 other villages.


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