Higher Education Program

‘Today because of Sharana I can pursue my higher studies and dream of a career, which was unimaginable few years back.’  Gayatri, March 2015

Most current Sponsorship Programs fund children until they complete high school; only a few sponsorship programs will target the needs of students wishing to pursue a higher education. In response to a number of requests from socio-economically disadvantaged students, Sharana’s higher education initiative aims to enable students to pursue a college education.

The cost of quality college education is rapidly increasing in India, and is out of reach for many children, the supports and allowances provided by the government notwithstanding. Without assistance, many cannot continue their studies and find themselves with a 12th standard grade but no marketable skills and no viable means to seek marketable specialization.

Sharana proposes to extend aid to these young people according to the following terms:
• Provide a portion of the necessary financial assistance for education costs;
• Provide a part of tuition in the form of an interest-free micro-credit loan to be re-paid jointly by the parents and student;
They also continue to receive notebooks, textbooks, uniforms, bus fares, medical care, and other school supplies or fees as applicable for the entire academic year.

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