Sports and Games Program

Sharana has developed an Awareness Program in collaboration with Chemins
d’Enfances, a French NGO whose philosophy is to promote the well-being of
children and to make them become future change agents in society.

The target of this program is to raise the awareness of communities about
environmental problems (waste management, saving water), hygiene (hand
washing, teeth brushing) and social issues (gender and caste discrimination). The method of raising awareness about these issues is play; the concept is called “Playdagogy,” by the French NGO Pl4y International.

The awareness campaigns are conducted in 3 steps:
- First, the children of the community are invited to play a sports game that
contains a select symbolism. Through this symbolism, the children understand the
awareness messages linked with the topic. For example, to raise awareness about
waste issues, the children play basketball, where the ball becomes waste and the
baskets the dustbins.
- Secondly, the same children are invited to play other games (puzzles, quiz,
scientific games etc.) to get a deeper understand of the topic.
- Thirdly, once the children have understood all the messages, they are given
the opportunity to pass these on to their community, by performing a drama, replaying
the puzzles with members of the community etc.

This program is conducted presently for the children from Angalakupam and Mathur villages.
Soon, the same campaigns will take place in Aranganur, Seliamedu, and Pondicherry.

Proshanto, the coordinator of this program developed and is still developing new
games on different topics. He is also currently training
educators from each location in collaboration with Raguvaran, a social
worker from Sharana. The educators are then responsible of organizing the
activities in their villages every weekend.

The Program is a real success. The children are very happy to play, to spread
the awareness and the communities are starting to show a real interest to put in
practice these messages.