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Rajkala in Paris.

Rajkala speaking to french supporters.


On november 10th Rajkala – the founder and president of Sharana – came to Paris to meet about 150 supporter from France. Throughout the event which took place at l’Eglise Réformée de la Rencontre, Rajkala spoke about the status of the current programs and illustrated this with plenty of moving case studies and stories from the field. Moreover her presentation discussed four focal points Sharana will have in the time to come: Expanding rural development, ensuring the right to education, developing vocational training and leading more children to higher education.


Some of the slides which were presented throughout the day:


Impressive facts and figures.



Majority of donations come under the collective sponsorship program and were spent mainly in the village program of Mathur, followed by Angalakuppam.


In the section „Vision“ Rajkala pointed out, how important it is using the already existing social centers and building facilities to provide more community members with greater access to educational, health, sanitation and training rescources. Expanding the micro-credit programms in the villages will support this goal. Beside that Sharana will focus more on the development of ist human resources among the existing Sharana staff and build capacities, develop skills and ensure that staff undergoes appropriate professional training necessary for their ever more demanding jobs. Finally Rajkala pointed out, that the development of new partnerships will be crucial to continue the successful work. Partnering with government agencies in india, partnering also with international development agencies (i.e. ADMCF, AFID, Tulane University). Already today Sharana maintains partnerships with organisations in the US, UK, the Netherlands and Germany – not to speak about the strong ties Sharana has to its French parter organisation. All participants of the meeting had lunch together and many participants were continuing the conversations long after the official ending oft he event. Some nice pictures from the gathering done by our German friend Peter can be viewed on Flickr. In a way it was a historic moment, since first time in more then 10 years of Sharanas history there was a meeting held in the capital of france.


Lead more children to higher education - the number of children who qualify to higher education is growing strongly. We see this as a result of the good work we do with younger children.

You can Donate!

Thanks to donor contributions, Sharana is able to support close to 1000 children in 15 nearby villages as well as in Puducherry town to claim their right to education. We are also able to run a range of social and development programs, from those targeting at-risk and school-going children, to others more wholistically tending to families and communities.

Sharana’s programs and Sharana’s children thrive on community donations, so please give generously. We remain indebted to you for your gracious support.

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To donate directly to Sharana India please find the details below:

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The Netherlands

Sharana Netherlands is the Dutch branch of SHARANA SOCIAL AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION established in Puducherry (old: Pondicherry), India. Its activities are housed in the foundation Sharana Netherlands. The Board members are all volunteers and carry out their work selflessly and without any personal profit.

I  Objectives and methods of Sharana Netherlands: Sharana Netherlands aims to help Sharana Social and Development Organisation in India to raise funds (Article 1 Statute of the Foundation Sharana Netherlands) for its social and development projects. The means of achieving this goal are:

  1. developing initiatives to support Sharana India;
  2. obtaining funding, in cash or in kind;
  3. other initiatives to achieve the objectives of Sharana. (Article 2 of the Statute)

II  System of sponsorship / donation: In order to be able to support India Sharana in the Netherlands  in its existing and future projects financial support by fundraising is crucial. You can support us by:

  1. becoming a member of the Foundation Sharana Netherlands. For this a minimum of 15 Euros to become a member is required annually;
  2. giving your donation for one or more specific projects of Sharana India (no minimum amount required);
  3. funding the training of one or more children (12 Euros per month).

Donations in the forms indicated above may be made to account number NL 16 INGB 0004 791 338 to the treasurer of Foundation Sharana, Groningen, Netherlands. Please specify your donation.

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Kindly donate generously to support Sharana′s programs and use convenient PayPal or contact us directly

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Where does the money go

Sharana strives toward complete transparency and accountability to its donors and sponsors. The organization maintains meticulous records and takes multiple steps to ensure that the funds collected are used as efficiently as possible, to the direct benefit of children and other individuals in need. For example: detailed files are maintained on each sponsored child, social workers verify the credibility of each sponsorship application received, tuition money is paid directly to schools rather than to individuals, and giving is prioritised in terms of individual needs. Organizations that fund Sharana programs, too, receive detailed reports on expenditure as required. Administrative costs are kept to a bare minimum.

To find out how you can contribute to Sharana’s Sponsorship or other Children’s Empowerment programs, please visit Sharana’s Contributors’ section.