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Oatmeal Ragi Chocolate Chip Cookies are back at Sharana!

Thanks to an idea floated by Nathalie and Eric, parents at Lycée français de Pondichéry and Sharana’s resident volunteers, Sharana’s Oatmeal Ragi Chocolate chip cookies are back in production. Batches of cookies are being sold for staff teatime at Lycée, and to parents, and others searching for healthy treats made only of the best ingredients.

paticheri_oatmealchipragi_2012 (1)

Children cannot get enough of them, and parents are happy because these are no ordinary cookies, but a recipe developed in Sharana’s own kitchen. Our secret ingredient is ragi or finger millet, as it’s known in English–known widely and used widely in India for its rich protinaceous content. Whole ragi can be sprouted and used in salads or in the preparation of dosa batter, and the flour goes into Sharana’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

paticheri_oatmealchipragi_2012 (7)

Thanks to these efforts, Sharana was able to hire Anandhi, who comes to the office thrice weekly to prepare the cookies. Anandhi is very capable, and has mastered the art of making the cookies quite perfectly in just a short time. They are crisp, not-too-sweet, and a perfect accompaniment to your afternoon tea or coffee.



To place an order for our very healthy, nutrient-rich and most excellent Oatmeal Ragi Chocolate Chip cookies, please call Sharana’s office on 0413-2220023.

Kalki’s programs come under Sharana

In early February 2012, Sharana agreed to a merger with another local NGO with similar goals and projects, Kalki Welfare Society. Here we provide you with a background to Kalki, and a synopsis of how the merger integrates with Sharana’s existing projects.

Kalki Welfare elfare Society was a non-profit organization established in June 2008, with a mission to provide protection and assistance to the streetchildren of Pondicherry. Kalki was committed to a world where all children areprotected, have access to proper food, education and healthcare, a world in which no child is left alone, forced to work, or beg.  Kalki’s programs, now integrated with Sharana’s own, include (among others):

  1. Drop-in center: A strategic program, aimed at increasing children’s accessto the organization. The M.G. Road drop-in center is often the first point of contactwith street children. It caters to their immediate needs (medicine, hygiene,food, counselling etc.) but in time also guides them toward education orvocational training.
  2. Crèche: Kalki’s crèche accommodates children from infancy to pre-school age. Children arepicked up by van in the mornings, and returned to parents in the evenings. Theaim is to provide a safe, structured environment for young children, off thestreets.
  3. Program for Adolescent girls: Focus is on developing workshops and activities for girls 12 and older, to create trusting, stable environments in which young women without family or community support canexpress themselves and gain self-confidence.
  4. Mobile Library: Outreach program providing books, games, and education al materials to isolated communities with little access to formal education.
  5. HIV program: In partnership with Jeeva Nivas, a residential care home for orphan or abandoned HIV infected children, to provide medical, emotion, economic, educational support to 120 HIV infected children in the districts of Pondicherry and Cuddalore.
  6. Shelter Program: A short term (1 day-2 weeks) and longer term (up to 1 year_ residential program for approximately 30 at-risk children, most of whom attend school during the day and are cared for by Sharana staff in the evenings and nights.

The above summary indicates clearly that Kalki’s mission and approach are harmonious with Sharana’s focus on social development,child welfare, and educational empowerment. Kalki’s assets, employee workforce (staff, social workers), and programs are being integrated with Sharana’s existing projects. Our hope is that this merger should bring together the capabilities and strengths of two organizations insuch a manner as to extend Sharana’s programs and enable new forms of community outreach. Our goal is to ensure that the merger takes place seamlessly, with minimum disruption and maximum benefit to Kalki’s beneficiaries.

Read more about the specific programs that have been added to Sharana’s projects by exploring the links on the left column of your screen.