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Sharana’s Solidarity Shop Opening

Sharana’s Solidarity Shop was inaugurated on August 30! The shop carries recycled newspaper products, jams, cookies, a line of garments from Raga, and other items from Souffle de L’Inde — profits from the sales of which will be solely for Sharana’s benefit.


As many of Sharana’s supporters and friends will know, Raga is an independent company run by Jyotsna Dutta (who serves on Sharana’s Governing Board) but housed within Sharana’s office on Lally Tollendal Street. The women employed by Raga are typically parents of Sharana beneficaries, and Raga contributes a portion of the montly rental for Sharana premises–a developing example of how a for-profit venture and a social development organization can function symbiotically.

With the Augst 30 launch, however, the collaboration with Sharana takes yet another dimension. With the assistance of Josette of Souffle de L’Inde, an organization which runs such production units for women’s empowerment in Kerala, Raga is now developing products that are dedicated to generating income for Sharana’s programs.

Many of you may have seen photos of the shop opening Sharana’s Facebook page already, but we figure a second look at the products and the community that has assembled to help launch this project would certainly not hurt!

Inauguration of Sharana Solidarity Shop

Upcoming Thursday (August 30th) we’ll open the brand new Sharana Solidarity Shop. The grand opening will take place Thursday, August 30th, 4:30 in the afternoon.

Whoever is interested shall join us!

We’re selling the products which are produced by our beneficiaries in our little workshop.

Income Generating Schemes

Sharana has recently begun implementing projects that provide training to destitute women and/or the mothers of sponsored children to produce products that can be sold, allowing them to earn an income while also generating returns for Sharana’s other projects. The links below describe two such initiatives: the Recycled Newspaper Products Unit, and Bistro Sharana.